Licensed Esthetician, CMT, Makeup Artist, Educator, Oncology Certified

About Yvonne

I moved into my own studio.


I started my own business Advanced Esthetics by Yvonne .


my Oncology Certification allows me to offer services to clients with compromised health while in treatment.


I became a Certified Massage Therapist and National Company Educator for Jean D’Arcel Cosmetique.


I was a licensed Esthetician and returned to Munich, Germany for advanced education at the Schoner Kosmetik Institute, Academy of Beauty and Health.

By 2000

I began my own professional Makeup education at Camouflage Makeup School in Starnberg, Germany.


I'm proud to share my professional journey with you...

As the daughter of an European Esthetician, I was born into this industry.

My diverse background and comprehensive education gives me the ability to combine western & eastern facial techniques. Over the years I have acquired various certifications such as Facial Acupressure, Ayurvedic Facial Treatments, and Women’s Qi Gong.

“Student for life” is my philosophy, regularly further educating and attending International Esthetics Conventions are a must for me.

- Coco Chanel

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

Allow me to share my extensive knowledge to bring your skin to its optimum state.

Having started in Makeup, facial shapes are fascinating to me, and all our amazing different cultures allow for so much variety. When I shape an eyebrow, I examine hair growth direction, brow bone structure, hair density to bring out the most flattering look for you.

My goal is to create a safe, calm, relaxing and rejuvenating space in our fast paced world. A space to leave everything from your day to day behind and charge back up ready to face your day.

While studying psychology at CSM in California, my personal skin disorder kept bringing me deeper into the world of holistic medicine, nutrition and skin care. I believe my own life long experience with a skin disorder allows me a deeper insight and understanding of my client’s skin and their emotional wellbeing. I have been told I have a very gentle & intuitive touch.

Challenges such as Acne, Rosacea and sensitized skin types are welcome. I offer true European Facial Treatments and Skin Care with the focus of working with your skin, providing nutrient, balancing hydration & lipid content, combat impurities and calm inflammation.