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European Facial Menu & Age Defying Treatments

These Facials are designed to treat and comfort those with specific needs due to cancer treatments. Customized facial offered at a special rate for the patient and personal care giver.

Facials for Health Compromised Skin


Designed to cater to the client who prefers Organic & Vegan products
(Cleansing, Peel, Serum, Massage, Eye Mask, Mask)

(75 Min)


Designed to cater specifically to men’s skin
(Deep Cleansing, Peel, Serum, Massage, Mask)

Men's Facial
(90 Min)


Removal of blemishes & prevention of future breakouts
(Deep Cleansing, Peel, Extractions, LED Blue Light Therapy/ High Frequency, Detox Mask, Acupressure/Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

Teen Facial
(60 Min)


Signature European Facial
(Deep Cleansing, Peel, Extractions, Eye, Face & Neck Serum, Face, Neck, Décolleté, Shoulder Massage, Mask)

90 Min


Deep Cleansing European Facial & Adult Acne Facial
(Deep Cleansing, Peel, Extractions, Serum, Massage, Mask)

75 Min


Basic European Facial
(Cleansing, Massage, Mask)

60 Min

Customized to skin type & conditions.
All treatments include hand massage, & LED Light Therapy & Ultrasound can be added on any Facial Treatment.

European Facials


Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter Designed for the season

Season Special
(90 Min)


Anti-inflammatory, Lifting, Deep Hydration & Repair Treatment
(Cleansing, Peel, Serum, Collagen Mask, Massage)
Customized to skin type & condition

Collagen Treatment
(90 Min)


Brightening, VitC, Hyperpigmentation Treatment
(Cleansing, Deep Enzyme or AHA Peel, Brightening Serum, Brightening Collagen Mask, Massage)

Even Tone
(90 Min)


Medical Competence, Lifting / Brightening Treatment
(Cleansing, AHA Peel 30%, Lifting/Repair Serum, Massage, Mask)

(90 Min)


Vit A,C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Tripeptide Treatment
(Cleansing, Deep Peel, Lifting Serum, Mask, Massage)

(90 Min)


Lifting Treatment for skin going through hormonal changes
(Cleansing, Emzyme Peel, Face & Neck Lifting Serum, Massage, Mask)

(90 Min)


Mineral, Lipid (EFA’s) & Moisture Balancing
(Cleansing, Peel, 2 Serums, Massage, Stone Massage, Mask)

(90 Min)

Age Defying Treatments


Single Treatment
Series of 6

Micro Peel w/ Vacuum
(Lymphatic Drainage)
(60 Min)


Single Treatment
Series of 6

Algae/Green Peel
(up to 90 Min)


Single Treatment
Series of 6

Arcel Med Medical Competence (AHA 30%) (75 Min)


Single Treatment
Series of 6
Microderm with AHA

Diamond Microderm
(60 Min)

Diamond Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels & Micro Peel Vacuum .
All Treatments include Massage & Mask.  Sun protection is recommended, direct sun exposure should be avoided after these treatments.

Resurfacing Treatments




Regular bikini only

Regular bikini only, I do not offer Brazilian Waxing



Full Leg w/ Bikini


1/2 Leg


Full Leg






Includes brows

Full Face


Brow & Lip






For highly sensitive clients, tweezing only is available


Waxing is contraindicated for users of certain Antibiotics, Retin A, Differin, Renova, Accutane, as well as certain cancer treatments. Please notify your esthetician if you are taking any medications.   Also note, waxing can have side effects such as redness, hives, tenderness & swelling.

Face & Body Waxing


Cleansing, peel, extractions & detox mask

Back Treatment


Brow Lamination


Lash Keratin(Lift)

Additional Services

"Five glowing stars for Yvonne who is a genius at enhancing a person's natural beauty."

"Yvonne is absolutely fantastic. I have never seen someone so dedicated and committed to the health of skin."

"Yvonne's facials are legendary - very relaxing & my skin feels & looks great for a long time after."

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